When It Rains, It Pours/Changes

I'm exhausted. Like, a lot. And that's okay.

In the past few months, my schedule has been growing exponentially busier. Consequentially, my involvement in art (through performing, consuming, and thinking) has also been growing. I am beginning to understand the beautiful uncertainty of the future.

I'm still young, dumb, and full of - okay, nope, dumb joke, but I do understand how impulsive and flighty and generally excited I am for...life, I guess?

This hasn't been easy, however. I'm settling into the cycle of young adulthood and full-time artistry. A lot of the daydreams I've had about traveling and learning and performing are actually coming true, and this makes day-to-day life different. I often switch between yearning for the beauty in mundanity and safety versus the prospect of experience and potential in my life; these cycles are hard. My relationships, personality, self-esteem, and habits are all just a few things being affected by these changes.

Delving even deeper into my performances (as well as the media I consume) has been my main remedy for these adjustments. Art always understands. And I am more than willing to shape, bend, and contort my life to facilitate that.