Hopeless (?)

Often, I resent coming into adulthood at this point of history.

Of course, I have no point of reference to compare adulthood during any other time, but still. Being adult, conscious, and well-meaning is exhausting right now.

As I'm often subject to the currents of generalized, disordered anxiety, this doesn't fare well for me mentally. Many times, I've resented waking up, and I've resented every bit of awfulness that has led to every large chunk of awfulness that affects people worldwide. I like to think bigger than myself more often than not, which leads to carrying the stress of the world (or so it feels) on my shoulders.

"So how do you manage to behave as a functioning young adult? How do you convince yourself that life is worth living every single, degrading, stressful day?" 

These are not, I imagine, questions you are internally asking me right now, but rather questions I ask myself almost every day. And boy, you can bet your bottom dollar that I struggle to find an answer sometimes. BUT (and it's a big ol' butt), there IS something that is consistently soothing for me: art.

Yeah, no duh.

But really: thinking of the stories that matter to me and how they affect their audiences for the better and manage to provide social impact while simultaneously creating something beautiful, demonstrating the beauty that our world and this life can offer? That's some good shit right there.

Theatre and music and novels and visuals and shows and movies and video games and podcasts and ANY other medium that facilitates a lens on our human lives and conditions is what gets me out of bed. Art ALWAYS has an impact; I am a firm believer of this approach. And thinking of the potential I could possibly have through art? That's life. That is love. I start to generate an undying thirst for content creation; I have rough ideas for podcasts and musicals and stories and characters that all matter very much to me. That love I have for meaningful content opens the floodgates for the love I feel anywhere and everywhere else.

At that point, I can usually manage to get myself out of bed and face this weird, tumultuous, beautiful world.


Enjoy some good art today.

Get creative out there.